The First International Slackline Magazine

About Us

We are an international team, headquartered in Milan, Italy.

Behind the computer in communications, creative direction, layout and social media is Annalisa Casiraghi
Born and raised in Milan, she now lives in Switzerland. Slackliner for 10 years, loves long lines and also difficult ones.

In marketing, administration and bureaucratic management there is Sirio Izzo.
Guro of the Italian and especially Milanese slackline, Sirio is one of the first Italian slackliners, still practicing with passion enjoying each of his disciplines.

Lauren Hansen is the text editor of Balance.
Born in the United States, she now lives where her van is parked. Mainly between Spain and France.
She proofreads all texts in perfect American English, and contacts contributors to construct articles of quality language and content.

And Bernat Figueras is our handyman, he takes care of assembling the texts and everything else that is needed.
Born and raised in Spain, he is a professional draughtsman of extraordinary Highlines.

And the content is yours, passionate readers of adventures on the line.