The First International Slackline Magazine

The first international slackline magazine is in progress.

And The Prologue, is coming! 

The idea for this magazine was born in the midst of a global pandemic, topped by wars and uncertainties, in an upside-down world where the freedom of doing what slackliners love was being questioned.
We think that sharing experiences is an expression of freedom and a way of giving hope and motivation to those who have less chances to do what they want 

We are a bunch of slackliners and we want to share stories and adventures lived by people from all around the world.
We are based in Italy but the stories we publish come from your voices, your writings and your photos, wherever you come from.

We’ll talk about slackline and…

Because we like to dream, plan and struggle.
To enjoy to the fullest.

“I like to see it like making a painting, technique is important but to make something great, it depends on how you use this knowledge. It’s about making it yours”.

Social Commitment 
Slacklines connect trees, mountains and countries, but more than everything they connect people.

Because there is no slackline without rigging.
And we like to discover new ways of living this slacklife in the safest way every day. 

You’ll also find a lot of topics, news, projects, comics, pictures, and much more

Join us in this project, send us your slacklife stories and get involved!
It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner if you do trickline or highline, in which continent you live, and what job you do.. Tell us what slackline is for you.
What would you like to see when you open the magazine? We are looking for stories as well as pictures.
Send us your shots, and tell us your story.

In this magazine, we want to share our unconditional love of nature with you.
Together we will explore and discover spots, marveling at these mountains every time.
The magazine is available in print across Europe and most countries of the world.

And in the meantime continue to balance..

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